Integrated E-commerce for B2B & 3PL Companies

We work with distribution, wholesale, and manufacturing companies to improve operations and increase sales with our integrated e-commerce solution.


10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in B2B eCommerce Platform Selection

Download our free checklist to see what functionality your current webstore may be missing that would allow you to increase sales and create a better customer experience.

Our Integrations

Increase Operational Efficiency

Save time and increase accuracy by eliminating dual data entry on orders inventory levels and pricing.

Increase sales by 16% – 30%!

Provide a B2B friendly webstore, and experience an increase in sales from businesses that are tired of the inconvenience of placing orders by phone/e-mail/fax.

Empower your customers to self-serve their account!

Gone are the days where you need to provide the invoice from the last order, or provide unique pricing for a specific client. All this information is available through Kinein’s secure store log in.

How a Webstore Can Be Your 24/7 Sales Team
How a Webstore Can Be Your 24/7 Sales Team

It is fascinating to me that some businesses still only operate during regular business hours, thus cutting off the ability to make additional sales during the evening and weekend hours. 
While our bodies and minds need sleep, technological advancements allow our businesses to operate more akin to a bird…

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Knowing Your Customer Is Key to Building the Right Website
Knowing Your Customer Is Key to Building the Right Website

Just as there are specific toys that are developed and marketed to specific types of kids, there are specific types of e-commerce developed to serve different markets (B2B, B2C and even C2C).  And just as my dreams were shattered when I tried to use a toy that was not created for my personality type, a business can be impacted negatively if they try to use an e-commerce platform that is developed for a different type of business transaction.

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