Did you know that when a bird sleeps, it closes one eye, and can shut off the corresponding opposite half of the brain while it sleeps? This allows the brain to rest, while the other eye, and other half of the brain remain active and can keep an “eye” out for predators.

This is fascinating to me! Humans, even when heavily caffeinated, still need to shut down completely on a regular basis as part of our biological requirements in order to survive. 
Birds and humans are therefore very different in their biological evolution and the way they cope with their respective needs for sleep. Businesses should evolve to be more like a bird. Let me explain… 
It is fascinating to me that some businesses still only operate during regular business hours, thus cutting off the ability to make additional sales during the evening and weekend hours. 
While our bodies and minds need sleep, technological advancements allow our businesses to operate more akin to a bird, always with an eye open looking for more opportunities for connecting with potential customers. 
We have all interacted with businesses who only operate during traditional daytime business hours. After that experience how often did you choose to do business there? If your goal is to be a boutique mom and pop shop, maybe this works for you. If your goals are to reach more customers, accessibility and convenience are key to attracting new customers and being more accessible to existing customers. 
One of the best ways to grow sales is to keep a store open 24/7, and with the appropriate e-commerce solution you can in effect always be open to receive orders. 
Kinein allows your customers to do much more than just place orders during any time that is convenient for them, our platform allows them to self manage their account, accessing order history, any invoice within your accounting system, and provides the ability to pay against outstanding invoices. 
While other e-commerce solutions may allow you to be like a bird with one eye open, we allow you to keep the eye (business) open and make sure the brain (accounting database) is communicating with your store to keep all information with pricing, inventory, and customer data accurate and up to date. 
Not all biological species are made equally, and neither are businesses. Let us help your business evolve to optimize accessibility and convenience for those that are wanting to do business with you.